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Policy Recommendations

Women, Peace and Security Strategy of the European Union. (2018).

On December 10th 2018, the Council of the European union adopted the new strategy on Women, Peace and Security.

What next for Syria? How 15 Years of Experience with UNSCR 1325 could inform a different Approach to the Syrian conflict. Mollet Howard. CARE International. (2015).

As diplomats meet to reflect on ways forward for women, peace and security, what should the international community do differently on the Syrian conflict to better empower, protect and assisting women and girls in Syria?

Beyond 2015 for Women, Peace and Security. CARE International. (2015). 

This paper outlines recommendations from CARE International and its local civil society partners towards the 15th anniversary review of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) on Women, Peace and Security(WPS), and the Global Study informing the review.

Stensrud, Ellen/Husby, Gorill. Resolution 1325: From Rhetoric to Practice. A Report on Women’s Role in Reconciliation Processes in the Great Lakes in Africa. CARE Norway/PRIO. (2005).

The aim of this study is ultimately to formulate suggestions on how to improve the implementation of Resolution 1325 in the field. The report will point to weaknesses in the implementation so far, and propose possible improvements.

From Resolution to Reality. Lessons learned from Afghanistan, Nepal and Uganda on women’s participation in peacebuilding and post-conflict governance. CARE International.

A decade later, women are still largely absent from peace negotiations. How can the policy be turned into practice, which impacts on the lives of women most affected by conflict?

Left Behind. How the World is failing Women and Girls on Refugee Family reunion. CARE International/ Melissa Network. (2017).

Since 2015, when more than a million people risked their lives to try and reach Europe seeking protection. Our findings from Greece should constitute a wake-up call for anyone concerned about women’s rights and the protection of refugees.

INGOs Calling for Continuation of Assistance to Refugees in Uganda. (15.03.2018).