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Gifted to Smile!

Community Health Volunteers critical in saving baby Gift's life.

Men won’t die just because they cook!

Men helping with household chores are still rather unusual in Kenya. Tom wants to change that.

Culture and myths can no longer hold us back!

Working towards better nutrition for mothers, infants and young children.

How Community Score Cards Help to Improve Health Care in Kenya

CARE’s “community score card”: a method of improving service delivery, tailored to clients’ needs.

Mary, 16: “I completely freaked out”

When she found out she was pregnant, she was terrified her parents would send her away.

Kisumu’s health center and meeting space for young people

Three women in Kisumu's health center provide young people with information about health issues and HIV prevention

Practicing gender equality as a family

Justus and Petronella share all their household chores. Thereby they question gender roles and change society as a whole.

A single mother in the Nyalenda slum

Colleta Airo has got a certificate from CARE's vocational training program for health education and HIV prevention.

How the mother to mother support group changed my life

Mother to mother support groups inform how improved nutrition benefits the development of a child.

I just had my period! The story of 12-year-old Lucy Achieng

Lucy is attending one of the girls’ support group sessions hosted by CARE to discuss menstrual hygiene.

Water and Sanitation in Kenya – The Story of Victor David Ochieng

Unimproved water facilities are a leading cause of diarrheal diseases, which cost the lives of many children.

Theater work challenges malnutrition and HIV prevalence in Kenya

Malnutrition and HIV prevalence are two of the major problems Kenya is facing.

Kenya’s underfunded Health System

In any effort to combat poverty, health care – as a basic need – is an important tool.

The Story of Felix Oketch

"When Nawiri project came, it was like a godsend to us as a community unit.”

The Story of Faith

“I never thought that we, the teenagers, have a right to speak out through reproductive health systems as a topic"