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Uganda: CSOs and Policy Dialogue” Part III – CSOs systematically engaging in Policy Dialogue – AUT926

Uganda faces challenges of effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its policies. There is especially a lack of matching budgetary investments to support gender equality programming and inadequate commitment in the implementation of existing policies. Moreover, even though women’s participation in political leadership has improved over time, they often do not hold management or influential positions, hence limiting their decision-making power.

In the course of the last 5 years, 5 Austrian NGOs have implemented a project aimed at strengthening the capacities of 9 East African Partner Organizations. The East African CSOs were trained on main approaches, tools and ways of engagement in policy dialogue, have elaborated policy dialogue strategies and have implemented Small Action Fund (SAF) initiatives for policy dialogue.

For the third phase of the Policy Dialogue project, CARE will focus on supporting advocacy processes and strengthening the capacities of women and girls and relevant stakeholders so that they can be in a position to champion the women peace and security agenda, at community, municipal, and district level in particular, as well as regional and national levels on a smaller scale.

Overall Objective

Contribution to a political environment in East Africa that is directed towards justice, equity and the inclusion of marginalized people.

Specific Objective

Marginalized women and girls and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) articulate demands to duty bearers for increased protection and safety.

Expected Results

Expected Result 1: Targeted stakeholders have enhanced capacity in Policy Dialogue approaches to influence implementation of relevant international, national and local GBV legal instruments and the Women Peace and Security framework. 

Expected Result 2: Marginalized women and girls have the knowledge and capacities to claim their rights, participate in and influence decision-making processes

Expected Result 3: Institutionalize policy dialogue within CARE.


Uganda: Gulu, Arua und Omugo Settlement


The initiatives implemented in the project will reach 213 (170 women and 43 men) directly and the desired change in legal and political framework conditions will indirectly benefit up to 12 million people (50% women).


01.01.2020 – 31.12.2022

Total Budget

EUR 68,500

Partner Organisations

Horizont3000 (consortium lead), Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz, CARITAS Zentrale Österreich and SOS-Kinderdorf Österreich, GROOTS Kenya, DESECE, SOS Children´s Villages of Uganda, CARE Uganda, PACIDA, SOS-Children Villages Tanzania, Kenya Red Cross Society


This project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) (with funds of Austrian Development Cooperation).