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Turkey: Urgent Protection and Resiliency Programme Phase V – TUR911

Turkey remains home to the largest registered refugee population in the world, with over four million refugees and asylum-seekers now registered in Turkey. Nearly 3.7 million Syrians—including over 1.6 million children—are under temporary protection, 96% of whom live in host communities. Current prospects and sustainability of voluntary, safe and dignified repatriation to Syria remain challenged by persisting obstacles to return, such as insecurity, housing, land, and property issues, in addition to ongoing displacement within the country due to violence. As the economic burden and length of displacement increase, many refugees also adopt negative coping mechanisms such as early marriage, child labour, and illegal employment. Harmful cultural and traditional practices, coupled with the lack of livelihoods and self-reliance opportunities, perpetuate a situation of risk. The lack of self-reliance opportunities is also leading families to engage their children in the labour force. Refugees in Turkey face not only language barriers but also lack of reliable information on and access to rights and assistance systems.

Overall Objective

Refugees living in Turkey are empowered and their resilient capacity is strengthened, enabling them to minimize their exposure to protection risks and improving their overall protection environment; in Gaziantep and Sanliurfa provinces.

Specific Objective

Refugees living in Turkey are able to identify and access protection solutions and build resilience, particularly the most at-risk groups and individuals.

Expected Results

ER1: Vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men – including women and girls at risk of early marriage and SGBV – receive critical information on protection, legal rights and services through outreach and community support structures.

ER 2: Vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men have increased resilience and reduced risk through improved access to essential basic needs and protection services through provision of tailored protection support.

Main Activities
  • Conduct KAP baseline surveys
  • Conduct Protection Outreach Programme as per CARE PO Guideline for 9.000 individuals
  • Provision of essential information on rights and services through protection-focused IEC materials
  • Continue to maintain and run five Information Protection Spaces (IPS)
  • Provision of Case Management (CM) services per CARE’s CM SOP, including provision of specialized
  • GBV services through CM for 500 cases
  • Provision of Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) per CARE’s CM SOP for 2,425 cases
  • Provision of legal assistance, advice and referral for 400 cases



Gaziantep (Islahiye and Nizip), and Sanliurfa (Birecik, Eyyubiye and Halil)


Direct beneficiaries: 9,000 individuals; Indirect Beneficiaries: 20,500


01.02.2021 – 30.09.2021

Total Budget

2,055,640 EUR


This project is funded by the European Union.

This project contributes to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):