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System strengthening for disaster preparedness in Mozambique – MOZ917

This 18-month action by COSACA consortium (comprised of Concern, Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE) is led by CARE and jointly implemented with Save the Children while CONCERN and Oxfam are on standby for emergency response if the crisis modifier is triggered. The project is designed to deliver systems strengthening activities in Mozambique to enable well-targeted preparedness and emergency response actions whilst also supporting local communities to effectively use Early Warning messages, mitigate risks and prepare in advance for an effective response to disaster. Specific attention has been placed on including Women and Children in these efforts. The action is designed to deliver improvements to existing systems and processes for:

(a) effectively and quickly sharing Early Warning Information with impact populations prior to a flood, cyclone or other rapid onset emergency;

(b) enabling communities to identify, prepare for, and respond to risks and disasters;

(c) preparing in a more coordinated, synchronized and efficient manner for emergency response actions by the humanitarian community through preparing the way to create and adopt a common system for beneficiary identification, registration and targeting; and

(d) switching to delivery of a rapid response in event of a crisis.

The project will work on multiple levels. It will work at national level with Red Cross, INGC and INAS to deliver the improvements to Early Warning System (EWS) and Beneficiary Registration; link local to national levels by collecting data for the DataWinners SIGIC EWS; and deliver local-level implementation with at-risk communities in three provinces which were chosen based on available data regarding the significance, prevalence and impact of hazards such as floods and cyclones, as well as local information received from staff, INGC and government about areas requiring specific attention.

Project Goal and Objective

Project Goal: Systems strengthening in Mozambique to enable well-targeted preparedness for emergency response actions

Objectives: To enable communities in three provinces and two national-level key disaster response institutions (INGC and Red Cross) in Mozambique to more effectively use the Early Warning System (EWS), be better prepared for emergencies; and benefit from different humanitarian approaches such as cash-based transfers or databases synchronized between humanitarian actors.

Expected Results

Expected Result 1: The ability of INGC and CLGRCs to effectively and promptly share and respond to early warning alerts through Data Winners system has been strengthened by the end of the action.

Expected Result 2: The ability of communities, particularly women and children/youth, to identify and manage risks, and take early action, has been enhanced by the end of the action.

Expected Result 3: The capacity of emergency response actors to adopt improved beneficiary registration and targeting systems/processes for more effective and timely humanitarian response, and use cash transfer programming as a response modality, is enhanced.

Expected Result 4: The capacity of COSACA to respond to rapid onset emergency is enhanced through access to a crisis modifier.


The total numbers of direct beneficiaries are 47.956 individuals and 122 organisations.

Total Budget

EUR 1.176.470,00


01.06.2017- 30.11.2018


Concern, Oxfam, Save the Children


Final Report