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Urgent protection assistance for refugees in Turkey Phase IV – TUR910

Turkey currently hosts the highest number of refugees in the world: 3.9 million people, of which 3.5 million are from Syria. The largest refugee populations are in South-Eastern provinces such as Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Hatay and Kilis near the Syrian Border, in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, and in other large Turkish cities. The majority of the refugee population still does not have access to accurate information on how to access services and their rights, given the constantly changing regulatory environment in Turkey. As economic burden and length of displacement increase, many refugees adopt negative coping mechanisms such as early marriage or child labor. Syrian families in Turkey, who have lost the main breadwinner, or are unable to work legally, may be forced to send their young children to work. Child labour was reported to be one of the most frequently utilized negative coping mechanisms for Syrian refugees in Turkey, most heavily impacting boys aged 13 to 17. In the project target areas in Gaziantep and Sanliurfa Provinces there are significant gaps in addressing protection concerns such as child labour, access to education, and GBV (domestic violence, early and forced marriage, sexual harassment).

Overall Objective

To contribute to restoring human dignity and to strengthening protection of vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men in South East Turkey.

Specific Objective

Vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men have improved safety and dignity and are able to access basic and social services, mitigate protection risks and reduce negative coping mechanisms.

Expected Results

ER1: Vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men receive critical information on protection, rights and services through outreach and community support structures.

  • Conduct KAP baseline surveys
  • Conduct Protection Outreach Programme as per CARE PO Guideline for 43.000 individuals
  • Provision of essential information on rights and services through protection-focused IEC materials
  • Continue to maintain and run five Information Protection Spaces (IPS)


ER2: Vulnerable refugee women, girls, boys and men have improved access to essential basic services and reduced reliance on negative coping mechanisms through provision of protection support.

  • Provision of Case Management (CM) services per CARE’s CM SOP, including provision of specialised GBV services through CM for 1100 individuals.
  • Provision of Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) per CARE’s CM SOP for 5000 individuals
  • Provision of legal assistance and advice for 550 individuals

Nizip, Islahiye, Birecik,  Eyyubiye, and Haliliye districts


43.000 individuals


EUR 5.085.000


01.04.2019 – 31.01.2021

This project contributes to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):