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Georgia: Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia – GEO940

Project Description

Mercy Corps and the co-applicants CARE, People in Need & the European LEADER Association for Rural Development build in this project on the work accomplished under the ENPARD I “Pilot Rural Development Measures” projects which was implemented in the municipalities of Borjomi, Lagodekhi and Kazbegi. The project continues to promote a bottom-up, community-led approach to local development and further extends support to the existing Local Action Groups (LAG) in these municipalities The project design was based upon good practices and lessons learned during the implementation of the ENPARD I projects. They focus on the best ways to make the three LAGs more professional and sustainable, building their knowledge and capacity and providing them with the tools to allow them to operate independently after the project’s completion. The project also supports the disbursal of development sub-grants that will further support the realisation of the Local Development Strategies (LDS) that have been developed. In this way the action aims to achieve the specific objective of the project by improving the quality of life of the rural populations within the target municipalities.

Overall Objective

To contribute to the reduction of poverty through integrated, sustainable and participatory rural development in Georgia.

Specific Objective

To improve the quality of life of the rural population in Borjomi, Kazbegi and Lagodekhi through the continuation of a community-led local development approach.

Expected Results

ER 1. Effectiveness and sustainability of LAGs in the three target municipalities is enhanced through capacity development  and networking

ER 2. Rural Development priorities within the Local Development Strategies are further supported through the funding of viable, community-led projects

ER 3. Georgian Association of LAGs (GALAG) is established and operational

Main Activities
  • Continue to raise awareness within the three target municipalities and communities on LEADER principles and methodologies
  • Facilitate greater inclusion and diversification of LAG membership
  • Support the professionalization of the LAG through training and capacity building
  • Support cross-linkages between ENPARD-supported LAGs.
  • Review and update Local Development Strategies
  • Hold competitive application process to identify a minimum of 60 sub-projects
  • Provide co-investment support
  • Monitor sub-project implementation and evaluate impact from both ENPARD Phase 1 & 2.
  • Identify and train GALAG members
  • Facilitate GALAG engagement with EU LEADER networks
  • Assist GALAG to build capacity of Georgian LAGs and increase knowledge of other ruraldevelopment stakeholders on LEADER approach
  • Support policy engagement between GALAG and Georgian Government
Beneficiaries (Target Group)
  • All communities in Borjomi, Kazbegi and Lagodekhi municipalities (approx. 75,000 persons)
  • Businesses, cooperatives and other private enterprises
  • Educational, cultural, sporting institutions and community groups
  • Public officials and state institutions such as the Information-Consultation Centres, Agency for Protected Areas, Tourism Agency. etc.
  • Local Action Groups (LAGs) in three target municipalities (approx. 200 members) and other LAGs throughout Georgia
  • Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and other state government institutions working on rural and economic development

Final Beneficiaries: Rural communities throughout Georgia benefiting from new and effective approaches to rural development.


Republic of Georgia, Kakheti Region, Lagodekhi Municipality


01.11.2017 – 31.10.2019

This project contributes to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):