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Financial support for Syrian refugees with disabilities in Azraq – JOR936

With the Syrian crisis in its 8th year, the Jordanian support system and Jordanian host communities are under immense pressure. Jordan hosts 671,551 Syrian refugees registered through UNHCR; 18.8% of whom live in camps, with the rest living in non-camp urban areas. Registered refugees receive support from UNHCR and various other INGOs, however this support does not always cover their most urgent needs. The poverty rate of Syrian refugees in Jordan is one of the highest of the countries bordering Syria with 8 out 10 registered refugees living outside the camps are either already defined as poor or soon to be living under the Jordanian poverty line (68 JD per capita per month).

A majority (79%) of Syrian refugees have recently identified cash to buy gas re-fill as their primary need in winter, while 22% have reported the need for NFIs (heaters, blankets and mattresses). Refugees living in Azraq camp report similar needs, apart from shelter, food and hygiene items. They depend on basic services and assistance and have little/no savings or belongings.

Overall Objective

To provide life-saving support and protection for the most vulnerable affected by the Syria crisis in Jordan.

Specific Objective

To increase the access to protection services for people with special needs (persons with disabilities) by providing direct cash assistance and integrating them in social networks to reduce the risk of idleness, violence, and exploitation.

Expected Result

1.850 PwD will have increased access to emergency cash assistance in Azraq camp to meet most urgent protection needs.

Target group/beneficiaries

The target group is people with disabilities (PWD), which includes any registered person with a disability at Azraq Camp, disregarding age and gender. 1,850 persons is the total number of registered refugees with disabilities, of which 56% are female and 44% are male and 57% of them are children.


Azraq refugee camp


01.03.2019 – 31.05.2019


€ 35.000

This project contributes to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs):