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CARE International Program Strategy 2016-2020

Based on 70 years of experience in poverty-fighting and humanitarian action, the CARE 2020 Program Strategy describes the changes in the world we want to see and our role in bringing about those changes. The purpose of the strategy is to focus our programs to clarify – both internally and externally – how we will contribute to eliminating poverty and social injustice.

Summary: Sofia Sprechmann, CI Program Director

CARE Asia Impact Report

This report provides an analytical review of CARE’s programs and projects undertaken with partners and allies in 16 countries over the period 2005-2010. The purpose is to better understand the impact of CARE’s work in the region over the past five years, as a basis upon which to build in the future.

The publication reflects CARE’s commitment to understanding and measuring impact and being accountable to the societies in which it works, and the donors who make our work possible.

Research Report on Peacebuilding

The research report looks at the six peacebuilding initiatives of six organisations/institutions in Nepal.

This research was carried out by testing the effectiveness of a number of peacebuilding theories of change and piloted a simple approach in monitoring and evaluation in peacebuilding. These theories of change, drawn from existing peacebuilding programming in each location, were analysed and critically assessed through in-depth research by local research teams. This research was guided by a Steering Group of five experts in the Peacebuilding and Monitoring and Evaluation fields and their participation was crucial to the success of this project.